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Diode Dynamics SS3 LED Pods Are On Their Way!

Diode Dynamics has just released their new Stage Series LED pods! With a higher output intensity than any other 3″ light on the market, Diode Dynamics is shooting for ultimate night time performance.


These new SS3 pods are available in both on and off road use, including driving patterns and SAE complaint foglamps and high beams.


I think I’m most excited about the fog lights, as I’m able to utilize these the most while driving on surface streets and freeways. In my prior test, the Rigid SAE fog lights came out on top, but this was months before the SS3 from Diode Dynamics was announced. I’m currently running a Rigid fog light and flood light, but these new SS3 lights have my attention with the claim of being the brightest.

Sounds like a head to head test is coming up…


Pricing starts at about $150 (for a pair) and Diode Dynamics offers white or yellow, sport or pro (variation in brightness), and different beam patterns.

  • Flood
  • Spot
  • Driving
  • SAE Fog

Take a look at these output shots from Diode Dynamics!






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