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CVT Black Friday 2019 Sale-Up To 40% Off

Black Friday 2019 is coming, and we’re already seeing some sweet deals. Check out this instagram post from CVT about their Black Friday Sale! The sales will be posted directly to the CVT site, but you can also give them a ring at 541-312-8368.


Keep in mind that Cascadia Vehicle Tents tells us, “The main reason for no warranty is that CVT will be discontinuing these models and not be stocking or placing any additional part orders. Some models have minor poor design traits and minor “fix-it” needs that we will supply to you. To learn more about a specific model of interest please reach out to our sales staff with specifics.”


With that said, I have a Summit Series tent which I absolutely love. Although certain models are being discontinued, this is an amazing opportunity to pick up a quality tent which is certainly a step up from entry level models.


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