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Fog Light Shootout: Is Morimoto Still Best?

After having the Morimoto Fog Lights installed for a few years, I’ve been wanting to make an upgrade. Luckily, Rigid now makes some fantastic SAE/DOT legal lights along with brackets for the Ram 2500, making these an easy bolt on item.

But before I install them, how about a little test? I try out the factory fogs, universal 70mm Morimoto, Ram specific Morimoto lights, and the new Rigid SAE/DOT lights (with the optional amber covers). Take a look at the results!

Find the lights I tested on Amazon:

Rigid SAE/DOT Fog Lights
Rigid Amber Covers
Rigid Brackets For Ram
Morimoto Ram Lights
Morimoto 70mm
Power Meter

To keep things fair (this is lighting after all) I kept my camera in manual mode and the same exposure settings for each fog light. If one was brighter or dimmer than the other, you’ll see the difference here.

rigid sae fog light with amber cover continue crushing overlandrigid sae fog light vs morimoto ram horizontal continue crushing overlandmorimoto universal fog vs ram horizontal fog light continue crushing overlandram oem foglights vs rigid vs rigid sae dot amber cover continue crushing overlandrigid sae fog lights amber cover vs morimoto foglights continue crushing overland

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