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Onboard Air Compressor: Extreme Outback Magnum-6 CFM!

I’ve been looking to swap out or add on another onboard air compressor (trying to fill up 37″ tires with my current compressor is taking too long), but I’ve been struggling with what I want to do. Should I go with a similar sized compressor (ARB Single Compressor on Amazon), a cheaper portable unit (Smittybilt 2781 on Amazon), or something that’s higher priced, but much higher quality and output? When looking for a high end unit, the ARB Twin Compressor has always been the recommended choice, but reliability has only been so-so when checking reviews.

My searching for an alternative unit revealed something else even better-the Extreme Outback ExtremeAire Magnum. This thing has killer specs; powered by a 1.5hp motor, 6 CFM at 0 PSI, 3.9 CFM at 50 PSI, and 2.7 CFM at 100 PSI, 84 amp draw at 12V (there is a 24V version available too, which draws 42 amps), all with 100% duty cycle.

The Extreme Outback Extremeaire Magnum compressor is 16″ long, 6″ wide, and 9.5″ tall and is able to be mounted in any position, including upside down. Because of its larger size, I suspect this compressor will have no issue proving its 100% duty cycle (this means the compressor can run non-stop) and airing up tires quickly. Or filling my 2 gallon tank. Or running air tools. Hmm-I like the sound of that. One of the biggest issues you’ll find with 12v air compressors is that they claim 100% duty cycle, but after airing up 2 tires, the 3rd and 4th tires take much longer since the whole unit has heated up and is not as efficient as when it was cooler. Although they are still technically working, you’re not longer getting the rated CFM.

When I had my 33″ and 35″ tires, airing up wasn’t too bad with the Air Zenith OB2, but now that I’ve got 37’s, it takes a loooong time. Now I haven’t picked up the Extreme Outback compressor just yet, but I’m darn close to pulling the trigger.

-1.5 HP Motor
-82 amps draw @ 100 psi
-Continuous Duty Rating @ 150 psi, 200 psi max pressure
-6 CFM @ 0 psi
-2.6 CFM @ 100 psi”
-Weight: 20 lbs.
-Dimensions: 16″ long x 6″ wide x 9.5″ tall

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