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KC HiLiTES New Slimlite 6″ LED Pack System


The latest from KC HiLiTES is the all new Slimlite 6″ led lights featuring 50 watts per light, which puts out over 60% more light than their previous 100w halogens! These new lights maintain a slim profile by featuring 10 individual LED’s inside, which KC HiLiTES says, “Like having 10 little headlights.” One of the best things about the new Slimlite? The price! Coming in at around $367 msrp for a pair, you don’t need to break your budget to improve your nighttime fun.


The 10 internal LEDs and reflectors help harness light output into an optimized beam pattern with a spot output for long-distance light, along with a mixture of fill light for shorter range vision. Due to the design, these new lights will provide brighter and more usable light than traditional round lights all while maintaining a low profile we’ve come to expect from bolt-on lighting.


Check out the unboxing video here.

LIGHT PERFORMANCE (per light at 12V)
– Raw Lumens: 7,260 lm
– Lux @ 10 Meters: 2500 lx
– Candela: 250,000 cd
– Beam Distance (meters) at 1.00 lx: 500m
– Beam Distance (meters) at 0.25 lx: 1000m


– Wattage: 44W at 12V; 50W at 13.5V
– Amp Draw: 4.0A (at 12V)
– Voltage: 9-32V
– Color Temperature: 5000K
– Dimensions: W – 6.21″ x H – 6.71″ x D – 2.70″
– Housing: Black UV treated aluminum housing


The Slimlite LED lights are made from an aluminum housing with a durable and shatter-resistant polycarbonate lens which will increase visibility and durability while mounted. The universal adjustable mount on the Slimlite allows you to easily mount the 6″ light in almost any bolt hole location. Once mounted, you’ll be able to easily adjust vertical and horizontal aiming of the lights to the desired output.

The Slimlite LED 6″ lights are available from KC HiLiTES.


The Slimlite® LED pair pack comes complete with everything you need to install and use these lights on your vehicle:
– Two 50W Slimlite® LED Lights
– Two KC protective stone guards – Black with White KC Logo
– Performance wiring harness with fuse, relay, and illuminated switch
– Easy installation instructions

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