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Prinsu Design Studio Roof Rack For 2009-2018 Ram

I’ve got some really exciting news, Prinsu Design Studio has finally made a roof rack for the 2009-2018 Ram 1500, Ram 2500, and Ram 3500 crew cab trucks! Prinsu Design has been known throughout the Toyota crowd for a while now, but there wasn’t any options for full size domestic trucks. Apparently they’ve received enough emails from me demanding the need for a roof rack, and they have really delivered on the quality and design Prinsu has been known for.

I had been heavily considering the KC M-Rack, but it is very pricey, and you can’t even buy it without lights (which is a huge part of the cost). The only other real option was the Rhino Rack backbone system, but it looks rather bulky and not very streamlined. Because of the modular design of the Rhino Rack Backbone, the added height to the truck was a bit more than I was looking for.

The Prinsu Design rack looks great on the truck, and comes in right around $799. It features an all aluminum construction, so you won’t need to worry about rust regardless of where you live. The aluminum bars on the top have a slotted profile which makes it easy to add on accessories, boxes, awnings, or even tie-downs. Prinsu has also added in a wind deflector on the rack, with the available option for a lightbar cutout. I haven’t ordered one just yet, but it is definitely next on my list for truck mods.

You can order one here at Prinsu Design Studio.

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