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Antigravity Batteries Amp Hour Testing-How Much Actual Capacity?

I recently picked up a lithium battery to use for my main starter battery on my truck, but I was curious how much actual capacity I would have. Antigravity Batteries rates this battery (H7) at 60AH, but it also has a backup remote jump start built in. This means part of the battery is reserved, even if you leave your lights on. It’s actually pretty cool, and incredibly helpful.

Here’s how it works. First, you drive somewhere…like the movies! You’re in such a rush to get a good seat, you leave your lights on! As the battery power drains, the BMS (battery management system) in the battery is watching what’s happening. When the BMS determines that you’re getting close to drawing too much power out of the battery to start your truck, it shuts the battery off. That’s right, OFF. Dead. No power.

When you get back to your truck and realize what has happened, you either click a button on the top of the battery, or click the button on the included wireless keyfob. This activates the battery, and allows you to start your truck. No jumper cables, no AAA. Nothing. Just yourself. Pretty neat!

As for the actual test, I started with a fully charged battery (using a CTEK charger), a power meter, 50″ led lightbar, and a phone (for stopwatch purposes). The lightbar was hooked up to the meter so I could see how many amps were being drawn out of the battery, and battery voltage.

I’m not going to tell you how many total amp hours (AH) were pulled out of the battery-go watch the video! However, later on I will post up another article with the battery voltage, amps used, and time (in 15 minute increments) so you can see how the battery performed under load, as well as total AH used. I will tell you this much, the voltage remains very consistent until the battery is almost empty and shuts off.

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