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Antigravity Batteries Release Bluetooth Battery Monitor At SEMA 2019


Most of us don’t really think about our car battery’s health until it’s too late, and you’re stranded in a parking lot or left scrambling prepping your car for track day. All of this could change, however, as Antigravity Batteries showed off a new product at SEMA 2019 to help prevent this exact situation with the new Bluetooth battery tracker for both lead-acid and lithium 12v batteries. This simple little device hooks up directly to your battery which then provides data wirelessly to your phone to provide information about your battery’s health without needing to pop the hood or hook up a multimeter!


With compatibility for both Apple and Android users, you’ll be able to easily monitor your battery voltage, cranking/starting voltage, and charge monitoring. Battery voltage is rather straight forward and provides you with real-time voltage readings of your battery, with up to 31 days of historical voltage data. This is especially useful for vehicles that may sit for extended periods or suffer from a parasitic draw.


The cranking test portion of the app will automatically track and record data each time your vehicle is started and display voltages before, during, and after starting the engine with an easy to understand graph. This can help you determine how reliable your starter battery is over time and when you should begin looking for a replacement.


Once your engine is up and running, the Antigravity Battery app can also perform a charging system test. The app will have you follow specific instructions to help provide basic feedback and verification that the battery is receiving a charge from the alternator. Stop replacing batteries when your alternator is going out, as this tracker can help you identify when your alternator is failing.


There are two versions of the Antigravity Battery tracker available, one for lead-acid batteries, and one for lithium-ion, ensuring that battery monitoring is accurate regardless of the battery type you use. Additionally, up to 5 vehicles can be monitored (5 battery monitors required) through the app which allows you to keep tabs on all the vehicles in your garage and charge the batteries that require attention.


One of the best features of the battery tracker is the ability to receive notifications before you hop in the car and find a dead battery. With a range of about 30 feet, your phone can alert you to place the battery on a charger before it’s dead. Of course, be sure to allow notifications in your app settings to receive these notifications.


You can find the Antigravity Battery Tracker for Lithium-Ion or lead-acid batteries on Amazon.

Check out their video reviewing specs on Antigravity’s first Bluetooth battery tracker.

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