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Stopping The Wobble With The Thuren Rear Track Bar


If you’ve ever had your Ram 2500 (Power Wagons too) loaded up, you may have noticed something really unsettling while at freeway speeds. You hit a bump or dip at a slight angle, and the truck starts to rock back and forth. No big deal, right? It shouldn’t be, but you’ll notice that you continue to rock and rock…and rock. What the hell is going on?


The issue is the rear track bar. The factory piece is at the wrong angle (coupled with soft bushings) which makes your truck incapable of correcting this type of poor handling behavior. It kind of feels like you’re on a boat, just wobbling side to side. Not to be dramatic, but it really does feel nauseating to many people. In a few instances, I was able to trigger the stability control to kick in while swerving on the freeway. If you have ever experienced this, you know just how unnerving it can be.
A lot of owners who experience this think that they may have a spring or strut issue, but the reality is that they just need to replace the poorly designed track bar! Thuren Fabrication makes a replacement track bar which includes a new bracket to improve on the factory suspension geometry.


Installation is rather easy, but you will be required to drill a few new holes (one hole if you want a regular 2500, and 2 if you have a Power Wagon) and open up two existing holes on your truck.


Once the new bar is installed you’ll enjoy a much-improved ride on the highway when you encounter dips and rolling bumps.


At no point during the installation will you need to jack up your truck-just park on level ground and install.


The Thuren rear track bar was a massive upgrade in the handling department, one I wish I knew about before. I kept thinking I needed new suspension (I mean, I still need new suspension haha) and the wiggle on the highway was driving me nuts. I haven’t noticed any weird sound or behavior since installing, and the driving performance (or lack of the wobble) was instantly noticed. Watch the video below to see then installation from start to finish.

Visit Thuren Fabrication for more info and to order the upgraded track bar.

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