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Renogy DCC50S DC-DC Charger With Built-In MPPT For Dual Battery Setup


Renogy has just released their new DC to DC charger with a built-in MPPT solar charger, available around the end of September 2019.

Just like their other DC to DC chargers, the 20A and 40A versions, this new DC to DC charger provides up to 50 amps of charging power, but this time they offer a unit with a built-in MPPT charger. This is becoming more important for overland vehicles as users look for ways to cut down on the gear brought with them. Less stuff=less complication.


Since the MPPT is built-in, all you need is a solar panel to hook up to this unit, plus it will manage battery power by trickle charging the starter battery from the solar input once the service/auxiliary battery is fully charged. According to Renogy, the maximum solar panel input is 660 watts, with a maximum of 23V. This is VERY IMPORTANT to know, and will make a huge difference in how you hook up multiple, or large panels.


As with any quality charger, this DCC50S features smart protection features including temperature and voltage compensation to improve battery life and improve system performance, battery isolation, over-voltage protection, battery temperature protection, over-current protection, overheat protection, reverse current protection, solar panel and alternator reverse polarity protection.


You can properly charge all major battery types including AGM, gel, flooded, and lithium.

Max solar input power is rated at 660w and 25v

You can find the following in the box:

  • Battery Charger X 1
  • Battery Temperature Sensor X 1
  • IGN Signal Wire X 1
  • RS485 Communication Cable X 1

Initial pricing appears to be set at $299.99, and more information can be found at


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