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Garmin Overlander-It’s HERE!!!


Okay, I know I said that you better have $$$ if you want the new Garmin Overlander, but the more I thought about it the more I wanted it. The specs and information have been pretty lacking, but I wanted something better (faster) than the Magellan TRX7, and something I didn’t need to download restricted size maps for (Gaia, on whatever device I choose). This points us straight to the Garmin Overlander.

Garmin has never been known for their high-tech looking boxes, and the new Overlander is no exception. None the less, let’s open it up and see what we receive.

Open up the box and you’re greeted with the Overlander front and center

Below that, you’ll find the charger, magnetic cradle, USB cable, ball mount by RAM, and a few screws (to secure the cradle to the ball mount). I’d say it is sort of disappointing to see that Garmin used Micro-USB on this new device when it should have had USB-C. Oh well, at least most people have a drawer full of these cables.


The magnetic mount for the Overlander attaches to either a suction cup or a RAM mount ball adapter. I’ll be using the RAM mount since I have one of their universal rails in my truck on the dash.


The magnetic mount has a lot of skepticism from people about its strength, but after feeling this thing snap on and off, I don’t think we’ll have issues offroad or while getting crazy on washboard roads.


There is a small flap on the side of the Garmin Overlander, which covers a headphone jack, micro sd card slot, and usb connector for data transfer and charging.


I’ll have a review on the actual unit coming up, I need to get some miles on this thing first!

Of course, if you can’t wait for that, you can get your hands on one of these from Amazon: Garmin Overlander


Boot screen while turning on

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