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Magellan TRX7 Update!

The Magellan TRX7 has finally received an update, to which I really hope it improves the performance of this unit. See I bought into the whole, “greatest off road GPS” thing when I really should have seen it as, “the only off road GPS.” Don’t get me wrong, I really like the idea that Magellan had with this GPS, but they just haven’t hit the point with executing it smoothly. Okay, this is starting to turn into a review so let me just get back on track-I’ll have a full review once I finally get this update installed and running (I’ve had a hell of a time updating…).

magellan trx7 continue crushing overland update list 1

magellan trx7 continue crushing overland update list

magellan trx7 continue crushing overland update list 2

Magellan tells us:

“New update includes:

-Ability to select anywhere on the map to view the coordinates, details and suggested nearby trails for that particular spot

-An Android’s header and footer in the TRX display are now hidden by default, thus opening up the full-screen real estate for more images and text. Previously, users would often get lost in the Android operating system. When needed, users can easily add back in the header and footer with a single swipe or by selecting the appropriate option in their Settings menu.

-The release also includes a simplified process for creating and customizing waypoints, enabling users to add audio and photo options for every waypoint type, such as schools, restaurants, gas stations, etc. Explorers may turn on or turn off waypoints, ohv attraction POI, roads and contour lines, allowing for personally customized maps.

-New map color and shading options were added with the release, as well. These options also enable users to customize how each map looks, to better fit thier needs.

Update your TRX device today by logging onto Wi-Fi and selecting Software Update inside TRX Settings. This is the first phase of a series of planned upgrades for 2019″

magellan trx7 update installing screen continue crushing overland

My biggest issue with this unit is lag, which I don’t think an update will help. I guess we’ll find out, assuming I can even get logged in and updated. I keep running into an issue where it says, “synchronization” forever, and if I skip it, the GPS says I’m logged in but doesn’t show me any saved trails or routes. Prior to this it “updated” and then sat with a spinning loading sign until it closed out to the home android menu. I’ve had to delete and reinstall the software 3 times now.

magellan trx7 continue crushing overland froze here

magellan trx7 continue crushing overland synchronization taking forver
This screen has shown for 20 minutes. If I try and exit, it only half syncs my account info. So now I’m letting it sit here for a while to see what happens.

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