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HID or LED Bulb Out Error On Your Ram? Check This Out!

When it comes to upgrading your Ram truck, nothing is easier and makes a bigger difference than lighting. With a plethora of choices of HID and LED kits, there is no shortage of options.

However, the fun can quickly stop. See the Ram trucks use a very complex CANBUS system which is great for the truck, but absolutely horrible for mods. As soon as you replace your factory bulbs with anything else, the truck see’s that there is less power draw and assumes that the bulb is burned out or the wiring is shorted.

signal out error ram trucks alpha obd contine crushing overland

The result? Your truck will complain every time you start it, AND the next part is even worse…Your truck may decide to turn off power to that wire. A running light or parking light might be no big deal, but how about headlights? Yeah-the truck can decide to stop giving power, which means your relay shuts off and your lights go out.

Not good.

pile of resistors for hid or led ram continue crushing overland

Luckily, we can use AlphaOBD and OBDLINK MX (both on Amazon) to “tell” the truck what new lights we have. This is essentially what the dealer would do if you went to them and upgraded your lights. Follow these easy steps and you’ll be on your way to a problem free driving experience with your new LED or HID lights.

This is insane-8 resistors on EACH SIDE of the truck? That is a LOT of wasted power.

dodge ram resistors installed hid led continue crushing overland

alpha obd ram software led hid continue crushing overland
This is what ALPHA OBD looks like when you’re changing lighting settings

Things you need to change lighting features on your Ram Truck, both available on Amazon.

Software: AlphaOBD

OBD Connector/Reader: OBDLINK MX

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