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Magellan TRX7: Issues Continue

I mentioned before that there was an update for the TRX7, and that I was having trouble downloading it. Well guess what? The problems remain. The issue for me that I was running into was this:

-The tablet/gps and software would work fine (except consistent lag and occasional crash-which meant I’d lose any track I was currently recording)

-GPS notifies me that an update was available, and I’d download

-Once downloaded, it would show a log in screen

-I’d enter my login details, and then it would sit at “synchronization” for hours

If I hit exit/turned the GPS off, it would reboot into the GPS software (which it was supposed to do). But, if I tried clicking on maps or journal, it would instantly freeze. Once this happened, the only way to “fix” it was to delete the app and start over.

And over. And over. I did this more than 6 times. 

*Note: If I used a new account at this screen, I could get it to work. But then I’ve lost all my tracks, progress, journal etc. I even tried logging in with a new account, then logging out once it was working, and logging in with my normal account. This did not work.

I reached out to Magellan, and in my experience they have always been very responsive. This time was no different, sort of. I spoke to someone on the phone, and explained the problem. They said that lag and crashing isn’t normal, and told me I could send it in. They would email me a label, and I’d ship it off to them.
Great! Except that hasn’t happened yet. That was on Monday morning, and it’s now Wednesday. I tried calling again, but this time it went to a voicemail after ringing for an extended period of time.

no label
No response from Magellan…

To take matters into my own hands, I have now completely wiped the tablet and and starting from scratch. I will say that it seems to be downloading something large, as the download time is considerably longer now. It would make sense though, since all the maps and info were deleted when I wiped the tablet.

Right now I’m around 30% and it says, “verifying file” before moving on to 35% etc.

Now I’ve been doing some research, and I am heavily leaning toward switching. I explored other options before getting the TRX7, but it seemed like it had so much potential. Had. Now that I look at the other options *cough Gaia cough* it seems they fit much better. We’ll explore that in a different post though.

Ha, lucky me. The tablet says, “downloading was terminated.”

Hitting “download” again at least had it start at 35%. Granted it says, “skipping” but from my research this is “normal.”

Okay, I made it to 100%. Installation is finishing up now. I am almost to the screen where it would always get stuck at before.

Now, do I sign in with my account or try a new one? Screw it, try my old one. We’re now at “Synchronization” but for how long?

What a mistake that was. Stuck at “Synchronization” again. Hell, just like before I can exit and start the program again but I can’t do anything. I can’t even log out.
I cannot say in any way that I recommend the Magellan TRX7 Off Road GPS, at least for existing users. As a new new user, it seems to work fine. But what happens during another great “update?” Who knows.

Looks like if you’re a new user, everything is fine. I can create a new account and the tablet seems to run okay. Other existing users seem to have no issues (eh, see below), so I guess it just doesn’t like my profile. I don’t really get it though, as I don’t have that many things saved or logged.
Gaia, here I come.


*Okay, I mentioned that others had no issues, right? That was wrong. Take a look at this screenshot and check out the thread here.

New Update Can t login or get past Synchronization – Magellan TRX Support




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