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Alpha OBD: Why EVERY Ram Owner Needs This

The Ram is VERY picky when it comes to modifying the electronics or lighting. Want to install led bulbs? Cool! Until 2 minutes later and the “bulb out” error messages pops up on your dash.

Pick up the OBDLINK MX or MX+ On Amazon


ram dodge resistors for led install continue crushing overland
Yes, if you have HID or leds installed, your wiring probably looks like this. Yuck.
ram dashboard store message bulb out error continue crushing overland
Bulb out error, look familiar?

obdlink mx and mx plus alpha obd ram continue crushing overland

morimoto resistors removed after tuning with alpha obd led continue crushing overland
I enjoyed removing all of these resistors from my truck. SO much wasted energy trying to “trick” the truck.

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