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Rhino USA: Recovery Straps, Hitch Receiver, And Shackle Review

When it comes to recovery gear, you shouldn’t leave home without it. Seriously, this stuff doesn’t take up much room and I see so many posts asking for help where a few  simple yet essential pieces of gear is all that was needed to get unstuck.

rhino usa recovery gear continue crushing overland

First off, the stuff I talk about here can be found on Amazon, check out the prices below:

Rhino USA Recovery Strap

Rhino USA Hitch Receiver 

Rhino USA D Ring Shackle

rhino usa hitch receiver out of box continue crushing overland

The Rhino USA Hitch Receiver is a simple way to add a safe and secure recovery point for your vehicle. All you need to do is slide this into your hitch, insert the pin, and attach the d-ring/shackle.

rhino usa hitch receiver with strap attached continue crushing overland
Nice and secure

rhino usa recovery tow strap continue crushing tech

Then there’s the recover straps, available in 8ft (tree saver-great for wrapping around, that’s right, a tree), and 20ft or 30ft versions.

Of course you can always run a combo of these, by attaching them together as an extension. This could also be used to reach further with your winch, too.

rhino usa working limit load test continue crushing overland

Also available on their website is the official working and breaking limit of Rhino USA straps-these things aren’t just rated at 31,000 pounds because of a guess. They were sent off to be tested by a 3rd party.

I enjoy knowing that Rhino USA gear is in my truck, and for a few others I’ve come across that were stuck, this gear was very valuable.

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